Miniature Jerseys for Sale

Cows and heifers available now! We currently have an A2/A2 jersey heifer, and A2/A2 Dexter cow and her calf, and a registered miniature jersey for sale.  Please see below for details.

We raise miniature jerseys, mid size jerseys, and standard jerseys as family milk cows and will offer them here for sale when available. You are also welcome to email us for availability @

We maintain a healthy, closed herd that is negative for BLV, BVD, and Johne's.

Our cattle are grass fed on pasture for optimal health and handled daily.


Piper is a beautiful silver jersey in milk now. She has been DNA tested by UC Davis and is A2/A2. She stands at 48 inches and is a very feminine and refined dairy cow.  She gives 4 gallons on once a day milking.  Before she was weaned down to OAD milking, she was giving 8 gallons of milk per day! She is best milked by machine because of the volume of milk. All 4 quarters are sound.  She is an easy going, very friendly, 5 year old cow. Her milk is exceptional with a fantastic cream line, ideal for butter, whipped cream, cheeses, yogurt, keifer, and just drinking! She has been vaccinated and wormed. Exposed to our triple registered miniature jersey bull.



Luna is a lovely 1 year old purebred jersey heifer.  She was DNA tested by UC Davis and she is a coveted A2/A2 heifer! She is beautifully painted with splashes of white.  She is very friendly and loves being hand fed treats.  She is current on vaccinations and was recently wormed.  She is sure to make a fantastic family milk cow. $2500

FOR SALE: A2/A2 Dun Dexter and Her Red Calf (pair)

Four year old dual purpose Dexter cow, tested A2/A2 milk protein by UC Davis Cattle Genetics Laboratory, and her bull calf.  She is a mini cow that stands at 41 inches to the top of her hip.  She is a beautiful dun Dexter and her bull calf is a red Dexter.  Selling as a pair. She has been vaccinated and wormed.  She is gentle and easy going.  These are great miniature homestead cattle for milk or beef! $2000 for the pair.

FOR SALE: Chloe: registered mini jersey cow for pet or companionship

Chloe is the most beautiful miniature jersey I've ever seen.  She is light fawn, very friendly and sweet and is 6 years old.  She is registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry and listed in the Miniature Jersey Herdbook. She was DNA tested by UC Davis and is A1/A2, a non carrier of BD1, and is heterozygous polled.  Her sire is DC Bob Honey.  She is a very easy keeper and stays in good condition grass fed on pasture. We have not had luck getting her to breed back, so Chloe is being offered as a pet or companion animal to someone who isn't concerned with milking or breeding but would enjoy a gorgeous, small, manageable, and friendly homestead cow. $1500

Semen For Sale

Straws Ship Nationwide!

Over the years we have collected a few of our favorite miniature bulls. These bulls were chosen to be collected based on superior genetics, fabulous dispositions, and ideal miniature conformation.

**We only collect and sell semen from mature miniature bulls. Our measurements are taken from the top of the hip bone and we err on the higher side. This means you can be confident these bulls are true miniatures!!!**

Current Promotion:

Buy 4 Straws, Get one FREE!


Hairston's Rambo

Rambo is a TRIPLE REGISTERED miniature jersey bull! He has matured to only 40.5 inches tall and is 5 years old.  He is a handsome bull with a pet-like, friendly temperament.  He maintains a beautiful smooth coat year round. He has been DNA tested, is A2/B, and is a Non-Carrier of BD1 ("bulldog gene").   He comes from fantastic mini milking lines and is a proven bull.  He has the height, confirmation, color, genetics, and personality to make him a wonderful choice for your herd sire. He is triple registered with the Miniature Jersey Herdbook (MJHB0723), the American Miniature Jersey Association (AMJ1610P), and the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR 5151). Disease free bull.

Semen Straws: $50 per straw

SEXED SEMEN (HEIFER) STRAWS AVAILABLE! We are so excited to offer a limited number of sexed semen straws collected from Rambo.  Use these if you want an awesome little heifer to raise as your future mini milk cow!

Sexed Heifer Semen: SALE! $150 per Sexed Heifer Straw

Current Promotion: BUY 4 Get 5th FREE!


Theodore R WHF

Theodore R WHF is a handsome miniature jersey bull who stands at just 40 inches tall past maturity and is TRIPLE REGISTERED with the Miniature Jersey Herdbook (MJHB0037), the American Miniature Jersey Association (AMJ122P), and the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR4882). He is also a brindled bull and is Rambo's sire.  He is DNA tested, is A1/A1, and is a Non-Carrier of BD1 ("bulldog gene"). He is a fantastic, proven bull from excellent milk lines in a miniature package. Disease free bull.

Semen Straws: SALE! $20 per straw

Current Promotion: Buy 4 Straws, Get 5th FREE!

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Cream 6 Shooter

Cream 6 Shooter is a tiny registered miniature bull. He is a looker with his white flashes and is only 38" tall at 5 years old! He is registered with the Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR 5344).  He comes from high production milking lines and has a friendly temperament. We have both sexed heifer semen and regular straws from this little guy. Disease free bull.

Semen Straws: $20 per straw

Sexed Heifer Straws: $100 per straw (very limited quantity)

Current Promotion: Buy 4 Straws, Get 5th FREE!

Breeding Info

If this is all new to you, please check out this helpful information!

Ready to Purchase Straws?

Simply email us and let us know how many straws from which bull and we will send you a Paypal Invoice (which can be securely payed with a credit card even without a Paypal account). Once payment is received we will release the straws to you through Lookout Mountain Genetics of Fort Payne, Alabama where the straws were collected and are stored.  You will then set up shipping and pay Lookout Mountain directly for the shipping fee, which is approximately $125 +/- for delivery and return of tank. It is an easier process than it may sound!


What You Need to Know Before Buying Straws to AI You Cows

  • The straws of semen have been collected from our bulls and are stored at Lookout Mountain Genetics in Fort Payne, Alabama.  Once you pay for your straws, they will be ready to be shipped from the facility when you are ready for them. Because they handle all of the shipping arrangements, you will pay for shipping directly to Lookout Mountain. The straws will ship in a liquid nitrogen shipping container. The cost is approximately $125 for delivery and return of the tank.
  • Your Veterinarian or AI Technician should have a liquid nitrogen tank to store your straws in until your cows are ready to AI breed.
  • Because many variables affect the success of AI breeding, it is recommended at least 2 straws per planned breeding be purchased. If they are not needed, when stored correctly, straws will stay viable indefinitely and can be used for the next breeding.

Purchase Info for cattle

Most cattle sold from our farm are purchased by out of state buyers.  We do recommend coming to our farm personally, but know that is not always possible.  We will work with cattle haulers. If a Certified Veterinary Inspection or vaccinations are needed for shipping across state lines, we will make appointments with the vet to have all the work done, but these will be at the expense of the buyer.