Before You A.I. Your Cow…

What You Need to Know Before Buying Straws to AI You Cows

  • The straws of semen have been collected from our bulls and are stored at Lookout Mountain Genetics in Fort Payne, Alabama.  Once you pay for your straws, they will be ready to be shipped from the facility when you are ready for them. Because they handle all of the shipping arrangements, you will pay for shipping directly to Lookout Mountain. The straws will ship in a liquid nitrogen shipping container. The cost is approximately $125 for delivery and return of the tank.
  • Your Veterinarian or AI Technician should have a liquid nitrogen tank to store your straws in until your cows are ready to AI breed.
  • Because many variables affect the success of AI breeding, it is recommended at least 2 straws per planned breeding be purchased. If they are not needed, when stored correctly, straws will stay viable indefinitely and can be used for the next breeding.




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