Mini Jerseys For Sale

Find the perfect cow or heifer for your family! We raise miniature jerseys, mid size jerseys, and standard jerseys as family milk cows.

Spring/Summer 2019: We have several Miniature Jersey Heifers that will be available! See our For Sale page for more info.

Semen For Sale

Our miniature jersey bulls are exceptional and a great choice to AI breed your cows. We only collect from MATURE, registered miniature jersey bulls that have stayed below the 42" mark past 3 years of age.

Special! Buy 4 straws, get 1 FREE!

We have a YouTube Channel!

This little mini jersey heifer is for sale! See our for sale page for more info!

Interested in Miniature Jerseys? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, "Randy Ranchero", to see our cows in action! We post about calving, milking, and life with these special little cows.


Why Miniature Jerseys?

Miniature Jerseys just make sense! Compared to full size dairy cows, mini jerseys are smaller (42 inches or less), need less acreage, eat less, are easier to handle, and produce a manageable amount of milk. They are wonderful homestead cows and perfect family milkers.




Check out that CREAM LINE!

Milk from miniature jersey cows is absolutely delicious! Milk from this breed is high in butter fat, making it easy to separate the cream, and ideal for making your own dairy products like butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and keifer for your family.



We are proud of our mini jerseys

We breed high quality, registered miniature jerseys.  We are members of the Miniature Jersey Herdbook, the American Miniature Jersey Association, and the Miniature Cattle Breeds Association and Registry. We love these little cattle and know you will, too.